Services We Provide

We are a design-build company, which means we handle from A to Z. In addition we
can manage any part of the project alone or in combination with other services. If
our services are only beneficial at the construction level, we can provide that and if
only for Project Management or design, then we would offer those services. Here
are some of the servics we offer;
Project Management
Project Management

Our Project Manager is a team player working under the direction of the President
and making every effort to bring the project in on time, within the budget and with a
quality we can be proud of. The Project Manager, Job Superintendent and Area
Supervisor must always work together toward a common goal.

•Client contacts and client satisfaction.
•Bidding and negotiating projects.
•Buyout of the job.
•Coordinating the construction schedule and material deliveries.
•Cost control.
•Invoicing (includes coordination of lien waivers and punch list completions).
•Day to day teamwork with Job Superintendent and Area Supervisor with each trying
to make the other person's job go as smoothly as possible.

Job Superintendents

Our Superintendents are tasked with the following

•Direct supervision of all work at the job site.
•Quality control.
•Scheduling subcontractors and material deliveries to meet construction schedule.
•Verifying and insuring that all work is done in accordance with plans and
•Insuring that all work is performed in accordance with all OSHA Safety Standards.